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From a Meatatarian to Vegetarian; From Hostile Daughter-in-Law to Practising Filial Piety

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Deepest gratitude to the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva!

Deepest gratitude to all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors of the Ten Directions and Three Periods of Time!

Deepest gratitude to Master Jun Hong Lu!

Good day to all

I will begin my sharing by talking about food. I come from Northeast China and all of us love meat. My husband is a Singaporean and likes seafood. Hence, we would purchase a large assortment of fish, seafood and meat every week. I was also culinarily inclined towards all forms of cooking be it frying, cold dishes, steaming, hotpot, etc. Everyday was a feast from morning to night and we ate with lots of joy.

The first time I visited the practice centre, I nearly made a volunteer faint. The volunteer pinched her nose and told me that I smelt like onions, advising me to adopt a vegetarian diet instead. I said no, asserting that I have loved meat from young. The volunteer asked whether I believed that the fishes and pigs were born for my consumption. I said it didn’t matter either way, I would eat them. The volunteer then said that I didn’t know anything.

After encountering Buddhism and listening to Master Lu’s discourses, I realised that all sentient beings are equal. The fish and meat that we eat could very well be our relatives from our past lives. Once I heard a Buddhist friend share that she ate a pig that was actually her reincarnated sister. I found it disgusting to look at the cooking meat in the pot, and wondered if it could be my father or mother from a past life in that pot. Whenever we ate fish heads and pig heads, the vision of a human head would not leave my mind. I could not stand it any longer. Two days after returning home from the practice centre, my husband and I became full vegetarians.

Being vegetarian and reciting Buddhist scriptures. At that time, I did not recite much. I only recited 3 times of the Great Compassion Mantra and the Heart Sutra daily, 1 time of the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance and 21 times of the shorter scriptures respectively. I read Master Lu’s books on illnesses and relationships till late night. Whenever I perform recitation, I would feel a surge of warmth from my thigh to my calf, comforting me greatly.

At that time, I did not know that I was being blessed. If it was a matter of the weather being hot, why was my legs warmed and not my body. My hands and feet were always cold but after a period of being blessed, they are now always warm.

Before going to the practice centre, my neck and throat hurt. I was weak and suffering from insomnia. The doctor could not identify the issue but I was suddenly lacking energy and wanted to lie down constantly. Hence, we thought of eating meat for nourishing the body, but this concept was wrong. If there is a foreign spirit on your body, you will feel weak regardless of what you eat.

My mother-in-law sent me to a spiritual medium. As soon as I entered his house, my neck relaxed. The medium seemed to have cursed the foreign spirit. I thought this was not appropriate as we should not harm the foreign spirit. Besides, the root of the problem had not been resolved. Not long after returning home, my ailment returned.

These foreign spirits that occupy our bodies do so because we have some sort of affinity with them – perhaps we were family. On the night when I learnt how to recite Little Houses, I dreamt that a Little House appeared in a very dark place. Words started appearing one character after another. It was the name of my grandmother who had passed away 20 years ago. She took care of me when I was younger and I made a vow to recite 21 Little Houses for her. The process was arduous and I took 7 days to recite one Little House. When I had finally completed 21 Little Houses, my neck had fully recovered, my sleep improved and I no longer felt weak.

Regarding my throat, I chose to undergo surgery. I was afraid at the surgery table as there were so many lights shining at me. I remembered what Master Lu said: whenever you feel afraid, pray to Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva will definitely help you. I then recited the sacred name of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and prayed to Bodhisattva to save me as I am very scared. As the anesthesia kicked in, I quickly lost consciousness.

My spirit entered a heavenly state and was above the clouds. There were luscious pine trees and Guan Yin Bodhisattva was standing in a green pasture. Bodhisattva’s face was both compassion and austure and there were two tables beside. One had a chess set laid out and the other had a tea set.

Bodhisattva gave me a cup of tea. Ah! Just then, someone patted my face and woke me up. The operation was over. I felt warmth envelop my body and this continued for hours. I almost suspected that I had a fever and asked the doctor to check. The doctor said my temperature was normal and my husband also said that I was not having a fever. Nevertheless, I still thought that I was having a fever. Why else would I be warm all over? I did not know that this was a blessing.

I believe that amongst all means of inviting foreign spirits to leave, repaying the foreign spirits who have affinity with us is the best measure. Help others to help yourself without any side effects. Deepest gratitude to Master Lu for giving us such a good method. I initially had many nightmares such as being chased by someone in a dark place. Subsequently, a Buddhist friend told me that I recited too little Buddhist scriptures daily. If I recite more, the quality of my Little Houses would improve.

During this period, I dreamt of many karmic creditors and kept helping them ascend to a higher spiritual realm. For example, my grandparents have complained about aches and pains but this has since improved with my recitation. My lower back hurt and I dreamt of children. Hence, I made a vow to recite 21 Little Houses for my aborted child and the pain was alleviated. I am happy to be able to eliminate karmic obstacles. I even dreamt that Master Lu told me my grandparents are now in a better place.

Learning Buddhism has improved my relationship with my in-laws. I have changed from a Northeastern Chinese tigress who cannot bear suffering to a filial kitten.

After marriage, my in-laws wished that I would be gentle, obedient and would make trouble for me making me feel indignant. Northeastern Chinese love arguing and we are known to be tiger-like. Hence, I began preparing to retaliate. Since my mother-in-law was older, she could not win the fight against me. On the last week, she gave me $50, saying that this week was a good week where we did not fight. Not only did I not feel guilty, I was even pleased that there was money to earn from quarrelling.

I felt that my in-laws were not my birth parents and did not need to treat them well even though my father-in-law doted on me. I watched many of Master Lu’s totem enquiries and many spoke about the importance of respecting elderly and filial piety. I also realised that this was all due to karmic grievances from our past lives and it was all because of cause and effect.

I started to open my mind, especially after performing recitation and receiving lots of blessings. My thinking started to change. I felt that it was hard on my in-laws to raise four children without having to deal with my attitude and I should not behave like this. I should treat them better. Hence, I started being filial towards them along with my husband.

Once I had a feeling when I was performing recitation that made me rush over to see my mother-in law. I pushed open the door and saw her lying on the floor with wet pants, suffering from a stroke. I quickly helped to clean her with the helper and asked my husband to call the ambulance. Before learning Buddhism, I definitely would find this gross. However, I now know that I must treat everyone well with sincerity.

I followed along to the hospital. When I looked into her eyes, I knew that she did not expect that I would be by her side in these final moments. Later, I took care of her at the hospital. I was very worried as it was her 73 year old karmic pass. Hence, I took special care of her until she was discharged and many people thought I was her birth daughter. Deepest gratitude for Buddhism in changing me to become a filial person.

I also changed from someone who eats fish to a person who liberates fish. In China, I would perform life liberation in large amounts. In Singapore, I would occasionally liberate crabs that are facing imminent slaughter, and I would be filled with dharma bliss each time. Performing life liberation can develop our sense of compassion. I no longer do things with a cruel mindset but instead I understand the value of patience under humiliation.

Regarding work, I prayed to Bodhisattva for a job near to my home. Under the blessings of Bodhisattva, I found a job within walking distance. I am a kindergarten teacher and met with negative affinity soon after entering school. The principal would pick on me. Whenever other teachers and I do something, they would be right while I would be wrong.

Something that was meant for three people to do would be given to two if I was one of the parties involved. I felt wronged and my Northeastern tigress was raring to go. However, I remembered that I was a Buddhist and must bear with it. However, I was unable to do so and chose to leave the school.

The principal did not expect this and wanted to speak with me. I cried and told him about the wrong I faced. He also knew what he had done and admitted his mistake. He persuaded me to stay but I still chose to leave. Not long after I left his office, he suffered from a stoke and was sent to the hospital.

I was scared and realised we must have had karmic grievances in our past lives. Perhaps my patience did not allow for this to mature, otherwise, a quarrel may have angered him into a stroke and I would be involved in a lawsuit. Master Lu said that to suffer is a blessing and patience under humiliation can resolve karmic grievances.

Buddhism gave me a harmonious family and resolved karmic ties. I hope not to incur new karmic debts.

My facial features have changed. In the past, I was yellowish but I look more compassionate now. My family and helper are vegetarian with me and have benefited from it. There are some miraculous events that I will not share today. I feel very sad to see my other relatives eat meat, and I hope to slowly influence them by sharing Master Lu’s videos with them.

I now understand the importance of propagating Buddhism to benefit sentient beings. It is not just talk but it really can save lives and wisdom-lives. I will continue doing so without complaint.

If my sharing today is improper in any way, may Guan Yin Bodhisattva be compassionate

May all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Dharma Protectors forgive me.

My sharing today has come to an end, deepest gratitude to all.


Wang Li, Singapore – 19.01.2020


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