A person with an over-inflated ego and superiority complex, is not able to withstand even a single blow in life. They will always be thinking, “what am I to do? This is so embarrassing! How can I face the world now?” This mood disorder left untreated shall develop into depressive disorder or autism.

— Public Talk Jakarta

The Three Stages of Depressive Disorder

The initial stage of depressive disorder is having a suspicious mind. You should forbid yourself from suspicion as being persistently so will make you panic-stricken and you may develop phobia. The second stage is being in fear – a symptom often experienced by people with depression. Firstly, they fear interaction with other people and secondly, they fear that others would mess with them. The third stage of depression is the most severe, this is when they feel that they are being beaten, provoked or attacked – all of which leads them to having suicidal tendencies and the final act of suicide.

   —  wenda20170407  19:11


Depression is When You Fail to Understand the Reality of Things for a Prolonged Period

Depression is very common and can occur to anyone. Different family background and social environments will generate different lines of thoughts – some of those ‘gloomy’ ones can sink you into a state of depression. Once this mood disorder develops into a disease, it is called depressive disorder – a condition with multiple long term side effects. To explain this, for example, though a person’s smoking habit for a month or two is no cause for worry as it may not affect their lungs; long-term smoking may result in lung cancer.  

—  wenda20120722A  22:10


Prolonged depression may develop into cancer

Sadness felt by a person with depression will affect their blood and its circulation, sleep pattern and appetite. With a mind where unwanted thoughts never ceases, over time, the body will grow various types of tumours and lumps which may eventually develop into cancer cells. This is akin to the rashes that will develop when a person fails to wash their body for some time.

— wenda20170407 19:11


Children May Suffer from Depression Due to Their Family Environment

Why do children today suffer from depressive disorder? It is because they are affected by what happens in their family since young. For example, how can children be spared from depression if their parents are always unhappy and quarrel frequently? When the child gets older, they think to themselves, “even my birth parents are as such. I really don’t see any hope in life.” They will reach two extremes in life. One, they treat themselves as hopeless and act crazily or they suffer from depressive disorder.  We have to remember, it is not the situation we are in that changes us, but rather, we should learn to change our worldview and our line of thoughts. How do we come to feel the power of Bodhisattva? Through performing recitation of Buddhist scriptures and subsequently altering your thoughts, that is when you head towards the direction of Bodhisattva. As you can feel that Buddhas and Bodhisattvas are offering you salvation, you open up your heart; only then are you able to realise this state of mind and the path.

 — zongshu20160730  00:38


A person suffering from depression would have to put down their sense of pride. One is only able to change their future if they are willing to own up to their mistake.


Caller: How are you Master Lu? I am calling you from Toronto, Canada. I hope you can help me see my totem. I was born in 1970, Chinese zodiac sign of dog.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Please be careful that you may be suffering from depression. Do you understand?

Caller: I understand.

Master Jun Hong Lu:  You have to get rid of your bad habits. You are overly cautious and too petty.  You need to change all of these, otherwise it is going to be bad for you. At times, you will have to put down your sense of pride, or else you are just puffing yourself up at your own cost. As Buddhists, we should be frank and open. Suffering is inevitable as we are in the human realm. However, it is how suffering changes us that matters the most. That’s all to it.

If you are never willing to repent, you will be undergoing the same suffering forever. There are many women whom because of their sense of pride, entered another relationship right after their divorce, only to go through the same fate all over again. When you keep “putting on an old play”, this itself constitutes the cycle of rebirth. Do you understand? A person with strength of character will aim to make changes in their life through the practice of Buddhism as they know they have done too much wrong prior to embarking on this path.

If you are unable to own up to your past wrongdoings, it is obvious that you will not be able to change – neither now nor in the future. Transform yourself and the attitude of others towards you will change too. Conversely, if you refuse to set aside your ego, although others may not say much in front of you, they will still talk behind your back. It can only be bad for you if you choose to be unreceptive to the world you are in. Instead, we should be broad-minded and let our hearts be opened. Everybody has their share of sufferings and mishaps in life; we have to walk out of the ring that binds us to our sufferings. Be brave, be indifferent – this is the spirit of the fearless.

Don’t bother about the comments and perception of others towards you. What others perceive or say about you is irrelevant – take a look at all those successful people, how many of them can avoid being the subject of gossip? We have to live for ourselves; so do not be affected by what others have to say about you. How terrible is it that you simply refuse to let go of a passing remark! Learn to be indifferent, there is nothing to it, really. Let them say, for all you care. If you are at fault, be ready to make amends, alright? What’s the big deal? However, being wrong but not making amends is just like having stains on your face and refusing to clean up when others suggest that you should. If you rebut by saying, “that’s my problem not yours, it is up to me if I want to clean it or not. So don’t start telling me what to do”, that is not right, don’t you think?

— Zongshu20160730 00:38


What is the Reason for Pessimism?  Why is Depression Increasingly Rampant in Today’s Society?

Caller: Master Lu, there are some people who are pessimistic and they do not seem to be interested in anything.  What is the cause of this condition?

Master Jun Hong Lu: A pessimistic person lacks positive energy and determination; they can neither see their future nor their prospects. All these are symptoms of mild depression.

Caller: Master, what is the underlying reason for the increasing trend in depression cases nowadays?

Master Jun Hong Lu: It is because everyone is fighting for fame and gain. Their basis for living has become material possessions instead of their mental state. Though the economy wasn’t great in the past, people were happy; Now the economy dictates a person’s mental state! Girls of this era would never marry a man who has no money or property. In a marriage arrangement, the matchmaker will first ask, “do you have a property? A car?”

Caller: That’s right.

Master Jun Hong Lu: He may answer, “Yes, I do have a house, “Little House” and when he is asked, “do you have a vehicle?” He may answer, “Yes, I do have a vehicle, a bike.” (Laughters). Let me tell you, as long as you are “big in space” in your heart, that is all that matters!

— wenda20170409A 36:59


Performing recitations for people with mental disorders

Q: I have been diagnosed with depression. I am constantly stuck in my own mind, have trouble sleeping, and feel irritable and disturbed. What should I do?


  • In most cases, mental disorders such as depression, epilepsy, etc. can be classified as illnesses related to karmic obstacles and foreign spirits.

  • These types of illnesses all originate from one’s karmic obstacles from previous lives and foreign spirits. If you have committed serious wrongdoings in your previous lives, resulting in major karmic obstacles, your karmic creditors will come to claim their karmic debts in this lifetime. This is when you undergo karmic retributions. They may manifest in the form of feelings of irritability and disturbance, or even lead to your being unable to control your own emotions or willpower. This is because your mind can be controlled by foreign spirits.

  • Once you realise the cause of your illness, you should repent and diligently perform recitations to eliminate your karmic obstacles and repay your karmic debts. The law of cause and effect is real. You should realise that it is all because you failed to do meritorious deeds in your previous lives. Instead, you committed numerous wrongdoings to others. That is the reason you have to undergo karmic retribution. You have no one to blame but yourself.

  • Therefore, you must sincerely repent and eliminate your karmic obstacles, to repay your karmic debts, and complete recitations to help your karmic creditors ascend to a higher spiritual realm. Once you have eliminated your karmic obstacles and paid off your karmic debts, then you will recover naturally.

  • It is recommended that you recite the following sutras and mantras:

Recite the Great Compassion Mantra 7 times or more per day. You can say the following prayer: “May the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, grant me good health, and help me to increase my level of merits and virtues.

Recite the Heart Sutra 21 times per day. You can say the following prayer: “May the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, grant me wisdom, and cure my depression (or any other mental illnesses).

Recite the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance 5 times per day. You can say the following prayer: “May the Greatly Merciful and Greatly Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva protect and bless me, <your full name>, help me to repent and eliminate karmic obstacles that have caused my depression (or any other mental illnesses), and to cure my illness.

  • You should recite 3 or more Little Houses per week. These types of illnesses are usually caused by major karmic obstacles. You should start with 21 Little Houses as the first batch, followed by 21 Little Houses for each subsequent batch until you have fully recovered.

  • At the same time, you can combine your recitations with making great vows and frequently performing life liberations. This will increase the effectiveness of treating your depression (or other mental illnesses).

— “Master Jun Hong Lu’s Buddhism: Your Questions Answered” (Question 113)


She Went Through Many Suicidal Attempts Because of Her Relationship; Master Lu Saw at Once that She will be Cheated by Three Men in This Life.


Failed Relationship that Resulted in a Westerner to Suffer from Depressive Disorder; It Turned Out He was Chinese in His Previous Life!


His Family was Almost Ruined when His Million Dollars Worth Of Assets Turned into Smoke. Thanks to Buddhism Studies, this Episode was Avoided.


Back in 1996, I already had a net worth of a few million dollars and was indulging in a life of luxury. In 2011, I experienced the eruption of my 43 years old predetermined karmic pass. I suffered losses from speculating in the stock market and gold futures contract. All that I owned had turned into smoke before my eyes! My younger daughter was born then and did not receive the care that she needed.  My wife also suffered from severe post-natal depression. From insomnia, being highly suspicious, to suicidal ideation whenever a quarrel erupts and throwing things around the house. As for me, I had also literally banged my head against the wall and was involved in automobile accidents.

With the loss of my rational thinking, the reality of my family, children, car and factory had turned into illusions and bubbles. Just when we had lost all hopes in life and marriage, we encountered Buddhism. As I achieved the recitation of 200 Little Houses for myself, and around 100 for my wife, my situation took a positive turn. My wife changed her perspective towards my practice — from someone who adamantly disapproved to being fully supportive. Both of us made a vow together to practise full vegetarianism, perform recitation of Buddhist scriptures, make great vows and perform life liberation.

In the past, I had complete disregard over the source of my income, but now I became more mindful about whether the money I earned are of ethical sources. I used to spend most of the money I earned on entertaining others, but now I appreciate spending it on helping others. Though my earnings are much lesser now, I have a family that is harmonious and filled with joy; even my health and mental state are better now. If not for Buddhism, my family would have been ruined and wrenched apart.

— Fu Zhong Kui, Shenzhen, China