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Q&A 81. How to determine if an Application for Change of Name is successful?

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Q: Master Lu, could you please kindly spend some time teaching us a good method to determine whether our Application for Change of Name is successful?


  • How to determine whether the Application for Change of Name is successful? Your instincts play an important role. First of all, it is mostly based on the feelings of the person who changes their names. Generally, we change our names to improve our conditions. After having lodged the Application for Change of Name, you should feel happier, as if you have opened up your heart and eased your mind. You should sense an immediate improvement in your mood and that your fortunes are already changing for the better. If you experience the above, then your application is successful.
    If, after lodging the application, you feel the same or even worse than before, or have bad feelings, then your application may not have been successful, or your new name may not be suitable for you.
  • Second, you should recite more of the Heart Sutra. People who complete more recitations of the Heart Sutra will grow in wisdom, and form a connection with their new names. When others call you by your new name, or during special occasions when your name is used, you will know that the new name is associated with you.
  • Third, the success of lodging the application is also determined by the energy field. Is your new name used by someone else? If someone else is already using that name, and your energy field is very close to this person, then it would be very difficult for your new name to take effect.
  • Fourth, it is essential for the Application for Change of Name to be active spiritually. For example, if you changed your name over ten years ago but have never lodged the Application for Change of Name, then this name should be active spiritually to some extent since you have been called by this name for over ten years. However, because you have not lodged the Application for Change of Name, this name has not been registered in the spirit world. Therefore, your individual souls tend to depart from your body. Once you have lodged the Application for Change of Name, you should be called by your new name in full as many times as possible. It usually takes three months to 100 days for the new name to be active spiritually.
  • Finally, you can recite Little Houses to the “Karmic Creditor of <your new full name>”. After you recite and burn the Little Houses, observe if you are still suffering from headaches, bad temper, or nightmares. You can judge whether your application has been successful based on the effects of the Little Houses. If the effects are positive, then it indicates that your Application for Change of Name has been successful.
  • Once you have lodged your application, each day before reciting sutras and mantras, you can say your new name a few more times to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in front of the altar. This is very helpful in allowing your new name to take effect.
  • Before lodging your application, you can begin by reading out the text on the application form once. Then you can recite the Great Compassion Mantra 7 times and the Heart Sutra 7 times. As the final step, you can burn the application form.
  • It is better to lodge the application on the 1st and 15th day of the lunar month, as these days are auspicious and favourable. The best times to lodge the application are 6am and 8am.
  • If your application is unsuccessful, you can lodge it multiple times until it is successful.
  • Generally, as soon as you have lodged your application, you can start using your new name to fill out your Little House. If you are unsure whether your application is successful for the time being, you can address your Little House to the “Karmic Creditor of <your new name> (<your old name>)”. This format can only be used temporarily as an interim solution, and should not be used in the long term.
  • If your application is unsuccessful after your first attempt, but you have recited and burnt your Little Houses using your new name, these Little Houses will still be effective as soon as your application is successful in your later attempt.
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