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Q&A 51. Hanging chilli peppers and bronze coins

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Q: It is our family tradition to hang chilli peppers and bronze coins inside our house, would this affect the Feng-shui of the house?


  • Chilli peppers represent a form of “sharpness”. For a family that does not experience much extraordinary success and tends to be ordinary, hanging chilli peppers represents happiness and celebration – similar to the effects of firecrackers.
  • Chilli peppers also represent stimulation, which is associated with motivation or the feeling of moving upwards. They also represent happiness, celebration and progress.
  • However, for people who recite sutras and mantras, hanging chilli peppers will not have any significant effects.
  • Hanging bronze coins is not recommended.  Money belongs to Yin energy (as opposed to Yang energy), and should not be left out in the open.
  • In addition, the bronze coin is an ancient currency. If you hang bronze coins, you could potentially attract spirits from the past, lone spirits, or spirits that do not have a dwelling place.
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