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Q&A 151. Menopause

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Q: Master Lu, my mother is currently going through menopause, and she is experiencing problems with her health and temperament. Can you please advise what we should do?


  • It has already been scientifically proven that both men and women experience menopause. However, women tend to experience more noticeable symptoms.
  • From a medical perspective, the cells in our body enter a natural period of degeneration when we reach a certain age. From the Buddhist perspective, this is the period when negative karma ripens and we start undergoing karmic retribution.
  • The positive and negative karmic effects from the good deeds and wrongdoings that we have done in our previous lives cease at the age of 45 to 50. Thereafter, the karmic retributions that result from our present life will start to take effect.
  • When we reach this age, we will experience many changes in our career, family, and life. There may be major ups and downs both psychologically and emotionally. Some people may feel they are becoming old and useless, and sink into a state of psychological imbalance, which may in turn leads to a state of physiological imbalance.
  • When going through menopause, you should first adjust your mindset and maintain optimism. It will also be helpful to communicate with family members and friends more often.
  • In terms of daily life, it is recommended that you have a regular sleep routine. Go to bed early and rise early. Maintain a healthy diet and avoid spicy or overly stimulating food. It is also recommended that you keep yourself warm and take some health supplements that are beneficial to your overall well-being.
  • During menopause, it is common for people to get agitated or upset easily. The key is to use our minds to keep our tempers under control. If we cannot control ourselves, then we are just following the negative karmic path. If we can control ourselves, then we will be able to resolve the negative karmic affinities or even transform them into positive ones. For us to change our destiny, we still need to rely on recitation of Buddhist scriptures and cultivation of our minds. Our body and mind will improve gradually as we pray for protection and blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
  • You can recite the Great Compassion Mantra 7 times or more per day to increase your spiritual power so that you can better control your negative emotions.
  • You can recite the Heart Sutra 21 times or more per day so that you can free your mind and gain a broader perspective.
  • You can also recite the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots 21, 27 or 49 times per day to help resolve karmic conflicts from previous lives and from this life.
  • In addition, you can recite the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance 1 to 3 times per day. You can also recite around 3 Little Houses per week and address them to the “Karmic Creditor of <your full name>”. This would help you to eliminate your karmic obstacles and repay your karmic debts.
  • At the same time, you may make vows and perform life liberations.
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