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Q&A 106. Lodging an Application for Convincing Family Members without a Buddhist altar

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Q: Dear Master Lu, I’m always on business trips and cannot settle in one place for an extended period of time. Hence, my situation does not allow me to have a Buddhist altar. Now, I would like to lodge the Application for Convincing Family Members (see Appendix D). Can I leave the application form on the altar at my parents’ place, offer the “Heart Incense”, perform recitations and say my prayers when I am out on trips?


  • If there is someone at home who can make incense offerings on the altar every day at fixed times, then you can ask them to leave the application form on the altar. You can make your Heart Incense offering at the same time, and then perform the required recitations for lodging the application.
  • This method is also suitable for Buddhist practitioners who are not able to set up an altar in their homes.
  • For example, if John does not have an altar in his home, but Jennifer does, then John can give his application form to Jennifer. Every morning at a fixed time, Jennifer makes incense offerings at her altar with John’s application form placed on the altar. At the same time, John shall visualise himself making an incense offering (the Heart Incense) at Jennifer’s altar. Then John can say his prayers, and perform recitations for lodging the application.
  • Note: The owner of the altar, Jennifer, must also be a Buddhist practitioner who follows Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. In addition, John and Jennifer must communicate clearly in advance to ensure effective coordination and avoid potential time differences.
  • This method is beneficial because it not only helps Buddhist practitioners who do not have a Buddhist altar in their homes overcome the inconvenience, but also gives Buddhist practitioners who already have an altar in their homes another opportunity to accumulate merits and virtues.
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