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Q&A 102. Application for True Name (Applicable only for those who are unsure of original name)

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Q: Dear Master Lu, I was adopted as a child, and my foster parents do not know my original birth name. How do I lodge my Application for Change of Name?


  • You can use the Application for True Name (see Appendix C). You can download the application form from www.GuanYinCitta.com. For the procedure for lodging the Application for True Name, you can refer to Q&A 2: Lodging the Application for Change of Name, and Q&A 81: How to determine if an Application for Change of Name is successful?
  • Print the Application for True Name on a piece of yellow A4 paper.
  • This method is only applicable for people who are unsure of their original birth name, and for children who were adopted.
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