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Q&A 110. How do we know if we have the power to recite Little Houses for others?

05/05/2020 | About the Little House    
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Q: Dear Master Lu, how do we determine if we have enough spiritual power to recite Little Houses for others?


  • Helping and saving people is a good deed. However, if you do not have the capability, then you may even be dragged into the quagmire. You should only help others if you have the ability and adequate amount of spiritual power.
  • A person who has enough spiritual power to recite Little Houses for others generally has the following characteristics:
    • Does not frequently have nightmares;
    • Does not feel fatigued or low in energy;
    • Has a relatively smooth career and a good life; and
    • Has good health and physical appearance, and is full of energy.
  • Conversely, if you frequently fall ill, suffer from nightmares, experience misfortune, have too much Yin energy, or always feel cold, then it would be best for you to recite Little Houses for yourself first before helping others.
  • If you are obliged to help others recite Little Houses, then you must complete more recitations of the Great Compassion Mantra for yourself.
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