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Q&A 38. How do you know if your energy is being stolen?

10/04/2020 | About Spiritual Cultivation    
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Q: Master Lu, how can we tell if someone is stealing our energy?  How do we know if our energy is leaking out?  What does it feel like when there is energy leakage? What are the symptoms?


  • Generally, people do not notice if their energy is being stolen. If you could tell when your energy is leaking out, then it would be difficult for someone to steal your energy.
  • Only those who have attained a certain spiritual state, have gained spiritual power, and have been practising Buddhism for a while will be able to tell if their energy is leaking out.
  • The symptoms of someone stealing your energy or your energy leaking out may include:
    • Your body feels weak;
    • You have no strength in your arms and legs;
    • You feel dizzy;
    • You can noticeably feel that your energy is rushing out;
    • Your legs feel weak;
    • Your mind goes blank.
  • If you experience several of the above symptoms, then it is certain that someone is stealing your energy, or that someone has placed a curse on you.
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