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Caller: Some Buddhist practitioners are still eagerly sharing depictions of Journey to Heaven that illustrate scenes in the underworld even though it is past 10pm. In the view of certain Buddhist practitioners, such sharing would invite considerable amount of Yin (negative) energy, but they are hesitant to remind the senders out of concern for bringing karmic obstacles upon themselves, as it may be perceived as deterring others from sharing the dharma. In this regard I’d like to ask Master, when posting dharma teachings online, should we take into consideration factors like the timing and content?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course! You must think of the effectiveness of your sharing. How could you only focus on sharing the dharma but not consider the outcome of your effort? What’s the point if your postings fail to create a positive effect?

Caller: Are there karmic obstacles if such postings make others feel annoyed or negatively impacted?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes. Let me ask you, if a doctor only cares about writing a prescription and has no regard whatsoever about the well-being of his patients, will this doctor shoulder the corresponding karmic obstacles?

Caller: Yes. It has been brought up by some fellow practitioners that Master has advised against hindering others from sharing the dharma and in light of this, no one dares to express their views.

Master Jun Hong Lu: When you express your opinion in this case, your intention is not to obstruct his dharma propagation effort. Instead, it is to make his sharing more impactful, right?

Caller: Yes. After reading the Journey to Heaven, some people feel scared, while others manage to deepen their belief in the law of cause and effect. Why is it that some people are frightened by it? Is it even suitable to share such content during nighttime?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Not everyone is keen to read such content at night. However, it is best to share depictions of journeys to heaven rather than journeys to the underworld at night. Exercise discretion in your selection for sharing. After all, nighttime is often associated with fear and Yin energy, so it is important that you customise your sharing accordingly.

Source: Wenda20200410 12:30, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program

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