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Caller: Master, how should I perform recitation if someone is jealous of me? Which Buddhist scripture should I recite?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Recite the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots.

“Wo Jin Wei Ru Jie Jin Za, Zhong Bu Wei Ru Jie Jin Za” (我今为汝解金匝,终不为汝结金匝).
You should recite this scripture incessantly, with this verse in mind, which means “Today, I shall untie the karmic knots between us and I shall cease all karmic grievances with you for eternity”.

As for the verse, “Xiang Zhong Xiang, Ji Zhong Ji” (祥中祥,吉中吉), it means, “May there be more auspiciousness within auspiciousness”.

If you can understand the meaning of what you are reciting, and relate to it, one time of recitation would be more efficacious than reciting it 10 times.

Many people fit the saying, ‘Small monks recite Buddhist scriptures from their tongues, not their hearts’ but here they are wondering, “Why is it that my recitation of the mantra does not seem to be effective after so long?”

That’s because you don’t put your heart into your recitation. There is a meaning to those verses. In fact, the mantra encapsulates the Bodhisattva’s messages in simple terms. Many are absolutely clueless about the many meaningful messages in this mantra.

The Xiao Zai Ji Xiang Shen Zhou and the Cundi Dharani form part of the ten short Buddhist scriptures. The positive effects will come to bear if one recites them slowly.

Do you know the meaning of “An, Chi Ling Jin Za Jin Za Sheng Jin Za” (唵,齿令金匝金匝胜金匝)?

It means that the fights in the human realm never cease as this is the cyclical nature of the human realm. That said, this verse was conceived from the six realms of existence.

“Wo Jin Wei Ru Jie Jin Za” (我今为汝解金匝) means:
“From today onwards, I will eliminate my karmic conflicts with you so that we can exterminate our cycle of rebirth”.

“Zhong Bu Wei Ru Jie Jin Za” (终不为汝结金匝) means:
“I shall cease all karmic grievances and eliminate the negative affinities between us for eternity”.

“Xiang Zhong Xiang, Ji Zhong Ji” (祥中祥,吉中吉) means that more auspiciousness lies within auspiciousness, and more good fortunes lie within good fortunes. This essentially means auspiciousness builds on auspiciousness. This is akin to saying, “I’m sorry. We will get better from now onwards”.

Do you know the meaning of “Bo Luo Hui Shang You Zhu Li” (波罗会上有珠琍)?

“Zhu Li” is the “bright spot” that emerges from wisdom. What’s this bright spot? It is the brightness of the Buddha that we can harness to quell all karmic foes and turn them into auspiciousness as stated in this verse, “Yi Qie Yuan Jia Hua Ji Xiang” (一切冤家化吉祥).

This is followed by, “Mo He Bo Re Bo Luo Mi” (摩诃般若般罗密), which essentially means whether you are being challenged intellectually or physically it gives you the ability to transform all karmic foes into auspiciousness. Many people who recite Buddhist scriptures will merely hum the mantra as and when trouble is upon them. What good does it serve? At the very least, you must understand the meaning embedded in those verses when you recite the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots.

Caller: Thank you, Master. Does it mean that the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots is a dharma gem bestowed upon us in this Age of Dharma Decline when grievances are rampant?

Master Jun Hong Lu: Of course it is. At least it provides you with an instant resolution. Why do you think so many people recite this mantra? There was one person who was treated very badly by his boss who often scolded him. As such, he often recited this mantra in his heart and after a while, his boss forgave him. Why? That’s because the mantra had taken immediate effect! If you fail to witness any outcome from your recitation of this mantra, it means that you are not reciting it right. In fact, the efficaciousness of the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots is dictated by one’s line of thoughts and spiritual bearing.

Caller: Oh, I see.

Master Jun Hong Lu: That’s what it means. Just like, no matter how good a car is, it will not run by itself unless someone drives it. You have to rely on the Bodhisattva’s spirit in the mantra which, once injected into the recitation, will make the Mantra to Untie Karmic Knots to come to life.

Source: Wenda20160103A 27:09, Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program

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