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Baihuafofa20141218 1:08

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s radio program)


All of you are advised to exercise more caution during the festival of Winter Solstice, especially during the period prior to the festival.  Do take extra care to prevent falls, injuries, catching flus or colds.  These pointers have always been in existence in the Chinese tradition.  You should also avoid going to places that are dark or with negative energy field at night.  If you dream about the deceased, you are advised to pray and offer Little Houses to them.  During the period before and after Winter Solstice, you may flare up easily for no reason and you are prone to injuries. Traditionally, during this period, try to minimise visits to doctors as you may be diagnosed with some strange illnesses.  After you go through all the hassles seeking treatments only to find out that you are not suffering from any illness at all.  Actually it is a case of being possessed by a spirit.

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